Knuckleduster Grips
Knuckleduster Grips Knuckleduster Grips Knuckleduster Grips Knuckleduster Grips Knuckleduster Grips Knuckleduster Grips


Knuckleduster Grips

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106 grams
106 grams
106 grams
106 grams
106 grams


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The Deity Knuckleduster embodies their attention to detail and focus on function! Taking a risk and thinking outside the box is where Deity thrives and these are certainly case in point! Not only have they developed the TRC rubber blend that gives you remarkable grip with incredible durability, the Knuckleduster also features a tapered internal sleeve that you have to tap onto your handlebar for full engagement. This tapered sleeve feels like it is already locked into place once fully tapped onto the bar and coupled with a single bolt lock-on clamp, you will not develop any play. The body of the grip combines the best elements of a half-waffle, mushroom ribbing, and an ergo feel in a stunning package. Featuring a mushroom pattern to minimize vibration, the true magic of the Knuckleduster lies in the V channel chevron ribs that ergonomically fill the swell of your palm and then seamlessly transition to a recessed half waffle on the underside. Why is this magic? All half waffle patterns are outboard and are notorious for creating hot spots on long rides.  By designing the top to seamlessly transition to a recessed half waffle pattern, your fingers sit perfectly into the grip and allow you full control even in the roughest of conditions without being plagued by hot spots or blisters. The Knuckleduster grips truly are an “all day grip” that allow you to keep it Pinned Wide Open at all times!

INSTALLATION TIP: To fully and properly install your Knuckleduster grip due to the tapered inner sleeve...make certain to whack the end of the grip 3 times with the palm of your hand until the grip fully seats onto the handlebar and finish the install by tightening the hardware to the specs listed on the packaging.

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  • 132mm length with 32mm outer diameter
  • Featuring DEITY TRC rubber compound for exceptional durability
  • Short and wide rib design for added comfort with no side to side play
  • Seamless transition through the end of grip for comfort