Zero Offset Carbon Seatpost

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Zero Offset Carbon Seatpost



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ENVE Composites Zero Offset Carbon Seatpost

The ENVE Seatpost uses a unique patent-pending twin bolt design making on the fly angle adjustments a breeze and ensuring that your saddle remains secured just where you want it. The horizontally opposed bolt and wedge design allows for easy access to the hardware and mechanically locks the saddle in the rider’s desired position. Adjusting the saddle position is achieved by tightening and loosening the bolt to compress or decompress the wedges and in effect raising and lowering the nose of the saddle. A range of angle adjustment between 0 and 27 degrees means that riders can achieve proper saddle angle on bikes ranging from road to downhill applications. Like all ENVE components, the seatpost is molded in one-piece from uni-directional carbon fiber to achieve lightweight, comfort, strength, and stiffness. Each seatpost is delivered with two upper rail cradles. One craddle accomodates standard round rail saddles while the other cradle may be used with oversize saddle rails. Seatpost cradles and wedges are made from cold-forged aluminum while the bolts are made of stainless steel for long term performance and reliability.

    Tech Specs

    • Material: Carbon
    • Length: 400mm
    • Setback: 0
    • Intended Use: Road / MTB
    • Warranty: 5 years

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    ENVE Composites Zero Offset Carbon Seatpost: 30.9mm: 300-1008-102 - 31.6mm: 300-1008-103