Dominion A4 Disc Brake
Dominion A4 Disc Brake Dominion A4 Disc Brake Dominion A4 Disc Brake Dominion A4 Disc Brake Dominion A4 Disc Brake Dominion A4 Disc Brake


Dominion A4 Disc Brake



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300 grams
330 grams

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Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake

With an extremely light lever-action and immense stopping power, the Hayes Dominion A4 are a great choice for aggressive enduro and downhill riding.

The Dominion A4 master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point. The caliper utilizes four pistons in the most structurally rigid design possible. It features a cold-forged caliper and KingPin structural pad retention bolt that increases stiffness.

With a motorsports-inspired Two-Stroke dual port bleed system, industry-leading DOT 5.1 fluid and Kevlar hose, the hydraulic system is engineered for ultimate performance across all temperatures and easy maintenance. The Dominion A4 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with their D-Series rotor to manage the heat with less braking noise.

These brakes are the regular lever size. SFL (Small Finger Lever) models are available via special order. Please contact us if you need the SFL configuration.


    • Tool-free reach adjustment
    • Flip-flop lever orientation
    • Crosshair Caliper Alignment
    • Two-stroke dual port bleed system
    • Sealed cartridge bearing lever pivot

    Tech Specs

    Fluid: DOT 5.1
    Pistons: Four
    Lever Reach Adjust: Yes
    Pad Contact Adjust: Yes
    Shifter Compatibility: SRAM Matchmaker X (requires extra parts), Shimano I-Spec II (requires extra parts), Shimano I-Spec EV (requires extra parts)
    Reversible Lever Body: Yes
    Lever Material: Aluminum
    Hose Length: 1000mm Front/1800mm Rear
    Intended Use: Enduro/AM/Downhill
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    Hayes Dominion A4 Disc Brake: Left / Front / Bronze: 95-36115-K001 - Right / Rear / Bronze: 95-36115-K002 - Left / Front / Stealth Black: 95-36115-K003 - Right / Rear / Stealth Black: 95-36115-K004