Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim
Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim


Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim


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Ibis Blackbird Send I 27.5" Rim

Intro­duc­ing the Send rims from Black­bird, a new com­po­nent brand for Ibis Cycles. When they set out to improve their indus­try-lead­ing S35 rims, their mis­sion was sim­ple; elim­i­nate pinch flats and keep the tire sealed no mat­ter what you hit.

Pinch flats occur when you hit your wheel hard enough to ​“pinch” the tire between your rim and that rock or root that you didn’t see com­ing. Hit hard enough and the edge of your rim, the bead wall, will slice clean through that brand-new tire you just installed.

To elim­i­nate pinch flats, Ibis designed their bead walls with a hol­low box-sec­tion pro­file to remove the sharp edges and cre­ate a broad con­tact point with the tire. This box-sec­tion results in a stronger bead wall that doesn’t slice tire side­walls and it doesn’t add any addi­tion­al weight. Ibis' unique bead wall is used on both the Send 1 and Send 2 rims, but the Send 2 gets extra reinforcement.

Which rim do you need?

Are you looking for a lightweight aluminum rim with good strength? You’ll want the Send I. Need something a bit burlier? Choose the Send II that has extra reinforcement. Ibis' Enduro World Series Team has been riding with the Send I in the front and Send II in the rear with great results.

Blackbird Send Rim Comparison

Single graphic line over valve hole signifies Send 1 rim. Double graphic line over valve hole signifies Send 2 rim.

    Tech Specs

    Material: Aluminum
    Wheel Size: 27.5"
    Inner Width: 35mm
    Outer Width: 44mm
    Spoke Hole Offset: 5mm
    Depth: 17mm
    ERD: 567mm (measured with included washers)
    Hole Count: 32
    Tire Width: 2.35-2.8"
    Max PSI: 40 psi
    Max Rider Weight: N/A
    Intended Use: MTB
    Warranty: 7 years

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.