Hydra System Straight-Pull 15x100mm 32H Front Hub Black

Industry Nine

Hydra System Straight-Pull 15x100mm 32H Front Hub Black


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Industry Nine Hydra System Straight-Pull 15x100mm 32H Front Hub Black

Building upon a long legacy of reliable hubs, Industry Nine evolves once again with the Hydra - an all new series of hubs that replaces the successful Torch series. While the real excitement lies with the rear hub, boasting a whopping 690 points of engagement, the Hydra front hub also gets some upgrades. Improved seals are implemented better keep moisture out, and a new internal axle that distributes load more evenly, reducing stress on the bearings. Aside from those upgrades, the rest of the Hydra front hub remains the same as the previous Torch Classic front hub.

The Straight-Pull Hydra hub is built specifically for Industry Nine's proprietary thick-gauge aluminum spokes, which are available in all the same colors as the hubs. The spoke threads directly into the hub, creating an incredibly strong and stiff junction. Fanatik Bike Co. is the only wheel builder in the country that is authorized to build Industry Nine's proprietary hubs and spokes. Better yet, we can build them to a multitude of rim options from DT Swiss, Ibis, Nox, Race Face, Stan's, We Are One, and more.  

All Industry Nine hubs are precision-built right at home in the USA at their Asheville, North Carolina factory.

    Tech Specs

    Axle Configuration: 15x100mm
    Hole Count: 32
    Spoke Type: Straight-Pull
    Shell Material: Aluminum
    Drive Shell Material: Aluminum
    Bearing Type: Stainless Steel Sealed Cartridge
    Rotor Mount: 6-Bolt
    Warranty: 2 Years

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

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