Synthetic Chain Guard - 4oz


Synthetic Chain Guard - 4oz


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Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard - 4oz

Full synthetic, ester-fortified bicycle chain lubricant formulated specifically to be used in wet and rainy conditions. Advanced, surface-active formulation penetrates deeply and tenaciously clings to the chain, minimizing fling-off while keeping water, mud and grime from contacting chain components. Proprietary anti-wear additives minimize chain noise, enable smooth shifts under load and extend chain life. Long-lasting, waterproof formulation protects over the longest rides without reapplication.

  • Formulated specifically for bicycle chains
  • Designed for wet and rainy conditions
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Long-lasting protection and cleanliness
  • Enables smooth shifting
  • Minimizes chain noise

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