Gold Label HD Brake Pads - Hayes Dominion A4

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Gold Label HD Brake Pads - Hayes Dominion A4



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MTX Braking Gold Label HD Brake Pads - Hayes Dominion A4

These brake pads are compatible with Hayes Dominion A4 disc brake calipers. Ordering a quantity of (1) will supply one caliper.

MTX Braking's Gold Label HD is specifically designed for heavier e-bikes and riders. Made with proprietary blends of Kevlar®, MTX CeraEvo® ceramic materials and other Japan-sourced additives and modifiers, they are bringing the performance benefit of ceramic to the cycling industry.

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic compounds in brake pads have long-since been the premium option in automotive racing; MTX wanted to tap into that knowledge & technology and bring those friction benefits to the mtb space.

Their MTX CeraEVO (pronounced "sarah-e-voe") encompasses the knowledge from the automotive field, but maintains other vital properties needed for your mountain bike (such as a higher awareness of heat-resistance given the often-very-thin material on all mtb brake pads).

Stronger than Steel

While the use of Kevlar® by DuPont™ certainly isn't proprietary, it is still noteworthy and a significant part of the durability of the MTX Red Label RACE brake pad.

Kevlar® is a synthetic aramid that has outstanding heat-resistance properties relevant to braking products; for example, Kevlar will resist any degree of breaking down up to 850°F.

Who is the Gold Label HD compound for?


The heavier weight of a eMTB or e-bike in general, requires brake pad material that has a higher tolerance to heat and wear.

Heavier Riders

If you’re 200+ pounds, this really is the performance brake pad compound you’ve been looking for.

Steep terrain / long descents

Choose Gold Label HD to eliminate brake-fade, while maintaining outstanding modulation in adverse terrain.


    • Durability - Gold Label HD ceramic is built for heavy bikes, heavy riders and extreme terrain.
    • Fade-Resistance - A compound created to offer incredible protection over heat-induced brake fade
    • Control - Maintain feeling and control at the lever all while maximizing power and heat-management