Farlow 27.5" Carbon Rim
Farlow 27.5" Carbon Rim Farlow 27.5" Carbon Rim


Farlow 27.5" Carbon Rim



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Nox Farlow 27.5" Carbon Rim

There are a lot of wheels on the market, and barring any crazy technological advancements, they are all round. So what sets Nox’s Farlow apart from the rest?

These hoops were designed and named for the Farlow Gap Trail in Pisgah National Forest, a rooty, rocky section of singletrack that might be mistaken for a dry creek bed rather than a place to huck your meat. If you’ve ever ridden through chonk and chunder, you want your wheels to remain round when you emerge on the other side. The Farlow offers a wide, durable platform so you can shred these trails (and many more) with confidence.

Destined for all-mountain and enduro riding, just looking at these wheels conjures up visions of moving quickly and stealthily through the woods. The carbon is polished to smooth, matte perfection, just begging to show you what they can do.

With an internal width of 28mm, 2.3-2.4” tires are ideal. Shallower rims tend to be more compliant, and the 25mm depth on the Farlow will steer you away from a harsh, rigid ride quality. That shallow geometry will also give those pesky loose rocks less surface area to bash against your wheel. If you do end up with a ride-ending rock strike, Nox has you covered with a two-year rock strike warranty replacement.

On these rims, the spoke holes are drilled at a 2.6mm offset. What does this mean? A stronger wheel created by improved spoke triangulation. Along with the offset geometry, the holes are drilled at a five degree angle, which allows each nipple to move in the rim a tiny amount, and have a more in-line fitting with the spoke. The angle drilling also decreases tension and fatigue on the nipple, so your riding can stay fresh and clean. All of these details add up to a hoop that is stiffer, stronger, and longer-lasting than its center-drilled counterparts, and that equals more fun on your bike.

Nox incorporates three unique technologies on the Farlow rim: UniWeave Construction, RockGuard Hookless Rim Protection, and an Anti-Burp Bump. UniWeave Construction stacks two different carbon fabrics, providing a high stiffness to weight ratio and increasing durability. RockGuard makes the bead as strong as possible by using a continuous carbon layup in that area of the rim, increasing impact resistance. Finally, the Anti-Burp Bump resists inward motion of the tire bead once it’s seated, making it less likely to burp air. All those buzzwords really just add up to knowing your wheelset won’t go full yard sale, even when you do.

Nox offers a lifetime warranty against defects, and so you can keep riding in style, check out our offering of Nox custom decals.

    Tech Specs

    Material: Carbon
    Wheel Size: 27.5"
    Inner Width: 29mm
    Spoke Hole Offset: 2.6mm
    Depth: 25mm
    ERD: 552
    Hole Count: 32
    Intended Use: AM/Enduro
    Warranty: Lifetime Defects/2 Year Rock Strike/Lifetime Crash Replacement

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.