Kitsuma 29" Carbon Rim
Kitsuma 29" Carbon Rim Kitsuma 29" Carbon Rim


Kitsuma 29" Carbon Rim



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Nox Kitsuma 29" Carbon Rim

Ultra wide and incredibly strong. When nothing but the widest, stiffest, strongest carbon rim will do, the Nox Kitsuma gets the job done. With a 36mm internal rim width, and a 30mm depth, the Kitsuma is clearly meant for business. 

The Kitsuma is intended to be used with 2.35" - 3" tires. The latest batch of Maxxis Wide Trail tires are a perfect fit. If you're going for plus-sized tires, Maxxis, Schwalbe, and WTB 2.8" - 3" tires will snap right up to this rim no problem. The main benefit of a wide rim is TRACTION. And more traction. Wide rims paired with the proper tire will allow you to run much lower tire pressure than a conventional rim/tire combination. 2.35" - 2.5" tires can easily be run at 20 psi, while 2.8" - 3" tires can be run at 15 psi. The traction gained from these setups is substantial, and there is little risk of burping air on a tubeless setup, or rolling a tire over on itself. 

The Kitsuma gets all of Nox's latest technology, including UniWeave construction, the Anti-Burp Bump, a super strong RockGuard Hookless bead lip, as well as an asymmetric offset design which improves spoke tension equality by more than 15%.

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    Tech Specs

    Material: Carbon
    Wheel Size: 29"
    Inner Width: 36mm
    Outer Width: 42mm
    Spoke Hole Offset: 2.6mm
    Depth: 30mm
    ERD: 586mm
    Hole Count: 32
    Intended Use: AM/Enduro
    Warranty: Lifetime Defects/2 Year Rock Strike/Lifetime Crash Replacement

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.