EDC Pump
EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump EDC Pump

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EDC Pump

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184 grams
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The OneUp Components EDC Pump offers a unique storage solution integrated into a high volume pump. It's designed to integrate with the EDC Tool System*, CO2 canister, or your favorite stash. The fast-on head pushes on to Presta valves so there's no need for threads or locking levers. It securely supports the valve stem so there's no chance of bending, breaking, unseating, or unscrewing the valve when you remove the pump. The fully sealed, weatherproofed internals should offer years of trouble free performance.

*EDC Tool and CO2 sold separately - Estimated weight includes frame mount

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  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Gauge: No
  • Max PSI: N/A
  • Valve Compatibility: Presta
  • Deflate: No
  • Hose Length: N/A
  • Dimensions:
    1-1/4" dia x 7" for 70cc (32mm dia x 178mm)
    1-1/4" dia x 10" for 100cc (32mm dia x 254mm)
  • Intended Use: MTB
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • 70cc Pump holds EDC Tool (no Storage Capsule) or a 20g CO2
  • 100cc Pump holds EDC Tool & a 20g CO2 or EDC Tool & the Storage Capsule
  • Integrated CO2 Inflator
  • Includes Water Bottle Cage Mount