V3 Dropper Post
V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post V3 Dropper Post

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V3 Dropper Post



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Please note, this dropper seatpost does not include a remote.

OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post

The lightest, longest, smoothest and most reliable dropper post that will fit your bike.
The OneUp V3 Dropper is even lighter than XC-specific, lightweight droppers and it has a low maintenance design that’s easy to work on at home.

The V3 is available in the widest range of travel options and is suitable for all rider weights and riding styles. This isn’t just the longest dropper that will fit your bike. It’s, simply, the best.

Riders asked for improved seals, reduced play and smoother action from the V2. OneUp
addressed all of these with the V3.

For smoother action, the all-new cartridge requires 75% less lever force when the
saddle is loaded and much less breakaway force to initiate. That means it’s even quicker and easier to drop your saddle while riding.

OneUp upgraded all the bushings to use a low-friction, self-lubricating IGUS material and increased bushing overlap to further reduce friction. 180-240 drop posts have an additional bushing to further support the increased overlap.

OneUp developed a completely new, high-performance collar with a custom SKF wiper seal to keep dirt out and grease in. The new seal and bushings keep the V3 running smoother for longer, with less maintenance.

To eliminate rotational play without increasing friction, OneUp doubled the number of anti-rotation pins and added 2 oversized polymer pins.


OneUp V3 Dropper Post Specifications

    In the box

    • 1x Dropper Post - V3
    • 1x Cable barrel end
    • 1x Packet of light suspension grease
    • 2x Sets of 10mm travel reducing shims


    • Lightest infinitely adjustable dropper post available
    • Shortest total length of any dropper post
    • IGUS self-lubricating bushings
    • Low friction SKF Seal
    • Post can be fully disassembled in less than 10 minutes using only a 14mm wrench, a 5mm hex and 2mm hex (or the OneUp multi-tool)
    • No custom tools required and no need to send your post away for maintenance
    • Longer service intervals: 120 hours for clean and grease / 350 hours for rebuild
    • Cartridge doesn’t need to be inflated
    • 30mm stack height is the shortest of any dropper post
    • 100% recyclable cartridge

    Tech Specs

    Travel: 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, 240mm
    Total Length: 295mm / 350mm / 415mm / 480mm / 545mm / 610mm
    Actuation: Cable
    Routing: Internal
    Remote Included: No
    Warranty: 2 Year

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post: 30.9mm / 90mm/270mm: 1C0970 - 30.9mm / 120mm/355mm: 1C0973 - 30.9mm / 150mm/400mm: 1C0976 - 30.9mm / 180mm/465mm: 1C0979 - 30.9mm / 210mm/530mm: 1C0982 - 30.9mm / 240mm/595mm: 1C0985 - 31.6mm / 90mm/270mm: 1C0971 - 31.6mm / 120mm/355mm: 1C0974 - 31.6mm / 150mm/400mm: 1C0977 - 31.6mm / 180mm/465mm: 1C0980 - 31.6mm / 210mm/530mm: 1C0983 - 31.6mm / 240mm/595mm: 1C0986 - 34.9mm / 90mm/270mm: 1C0972 - 34.9mm / 120mm/355mm: 1C0975 - 34.9mm / 150mm/400mm: 1C0978 - 34.9mm / 180mm/465mm: 1C0981 - 34.9mm / 210mm/530mm: 1C0984 - 34.9mm / 240mm/595mm: 1C0987