HC97 Compression System for Lyrik, Pike, Boxxer
HC97 Compression System for Lyrik, Pike, Boxxer HC97 Compression System for Lyrik, Pike, Boxxer HC97 Compression System for Lyrik, Pike, Boxxer

Push Industries

HC97 Compression System for Lyrik, Pike, Boxxer



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Push Industries HC97 Compression System for Lyrik, Pike, Boxxer

Compatible with all Lyrik, Pike, and BoXXer RCT3 and RC2 Charger2/2.1 Damper cartridges.

SPECIAL NOTE: Installing the HC97 Compression System will VOID the 2-year Rock Shox warranty. The kit does not pose any structural/safety threat to the fork, but since it is not built by Rock Shox, the warranty will be voided on your fork.

Manufactured and hand assembled in-house by the legendary suspension technicians at PUSH Industries, the new HC97 Compression System replaces the stock compression assemblies found in the popular Rock Shox PIKE, Lyrik, and BoXXer forks equipped with Charger 2 and 2.1 dampers. What does this mean for riders? Increased traction and small bump sensitivity with higher levels of stability and control all while giving riders more external fine-tuning control over their front suspension.

PUSH engineers focused on creating a far more useable adjustment range for riders looking to get the most out of their front suspension performance. With an updated 28 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment externally, riders will no longer find themselves hunting for a setting “in between” clicks. Utilizing the parabolic low speed needle design, borrowed from ELEVENSIX, riders have a precise and consistent change between each click. Additionally, the high-speed compression adjustment of the new HC97 Compression System features a fine thread adjuster barrel also offering 28 clicks of precise resolution over the damping curve range.

Shim-less Design
Harshness has met its match! With traditional shimmed compression valves, steel shims are bent upwards as fluid flows through the valve. The more aggressive the impact, the more these shims need to bend in order to allow the wheel to move through its travel. This shim bending is progressive in nature resulting in an increase in damping force leading to harshness on square edge impacts. Removing valving shims to help reduce harshness at high speeds leads to an overall reduction in compression damping and results in a decrease in low and mid speed control and performance.

The exclusive PUSH
“Shim-Less” Compression Valve design, also borrowed from the class leading ELEVENSIX rear shock, eliminates this compromise. The progressive nature of shim bending is replaced by using a precision machined sliding valve seat that can “dump” fluid under the most aggressive square edge bumps. This resulting fluid flow allows the wheel to compress more freely in aggressive terrain resulting in more comfort and control through every stage of the fork travel.

Damping Synchronized
Low and high speed compression, low and high-speed rebound, mid valves, shims, bleed ports, needles, bladders…how does this all work? Well, MTB dampers are a complex animal and when you hit a bump, the damper experiences a very complex series of events. Having all the internal systems synchronized optimizes the damper’s ability to respond and therefore directly relates to the fork’s suppleness, control, and comfort when the trail gets the most aggressive. With the HC97 from PUSH, our engineers first focused on improving the communication between the internal systems ensuring proper balance at all suspension velocities. Imbalance in these velocities is referred to as “Hysteresis” in suspension terms and relates to the “delay” in the damper’s response when changing from the compression to the rebound stroke. The HC97 provides key improvements in this area resulting in better bump sensitivity and cornering traction.

Precision Manufactured
Each HC97 component is precision manufactured under our roof here in Colorado by passionate people using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment and measuring systems. Our products are then assembled by skilled technicians, quality checked by meticulous eyes and hands and delivered to you, backed by the best customer service in the business.

Installation instructions can be found here: HC97 Installation

    In the box

    • HC97 Compression Valve
    • 3 rebound shims


    • ELEVENSIX Compression Valve Technology for your fork
    • Pressure Balanced Symmetrical flow rate for increased traction and control
    • Provides smooth plush ride without being mushy
    • 28 Clicks of external Low Speed Compression adjustment featuring a Parabolic Needle Shape for precise incremental adjustment range
    • 28 Clicks of external High Speed Compression Damping featuring a fine resolution thread for precise incremental adjustment range
    • Includes Rebound Revalve