Pro Series Ergonomic Grip System
Pro Series Ergonomic Grip System Pro Series Ergonomic Grip System


Pro Series Ergonomic Grip System



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RevGrips Pro Series Ergonomic Grip System

RevGrips Suspension Grips outperform any other grip because they do not contact your handlebar. The inner diameter of the grip is approximately 1/8 of an inch larger than the outside diameter of the handlebar and is "suspended" in an elastomer on each side of the grip.  This unique design allows the grip to work WITH your hands, isolated from shock and vibration, and independent of your handlebar.  Tuning washers are placed between the grip sleeve and clamp to customize feel and performance so you can allow your grip to "move" as little or as much as desired (just like a fork or shock).

The Pro Series Ergonomic Grip is the latest release from RevGrips which represents the ultimate in Grip Technology.  The Pro Series Grip System comes complete with aluminum bar ends, tuning kit, assembly tools, and your color choice of grips and lightened clamps.

Choose from 4 distinct sizes of Ergonomic Shaped grips from an RG4 to an RG7 (Size Chart at bottom of page).  These all have a VERY subtle, ergonomic design that supports your hand where it's needed.  Incorporated traction ribs on the bottom of the grip provide ultimate in performance and comfort.  All 4 of these sizes have the same design/profile.  Simply choose your size (thickness).


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RevGrips Pro Series Ergonomic Size Chart


    In the box

    • QTY(2) Grip Sleeves
    • QTY(4) Ultra-Light Aluminum Clamps
    • QTY(4) Suspension Insert Rings
    • QTY(8) Tuning Washers
    • QTY(2) Aluminum Bar End Assemblies
    • QTY(5) Clamp Screws
    • QTY(1) 3mm Hex Wrench


    • Reduced shock and vibration means less hand fatigue
    • Ergonomic design that supports your hand where it's needed
    • Super Soft compound designed for the ultimate in traction and performance
    • Includes tuning washers to adjust feel/performance to any one of 5 different levels (from soft to firm)
    • All parts can be replaced individually

    Tech Specs

    Material: Rubber
    Locking Clamp: Two Locking Clamps
    Diameter: RG4: 32mm | RG5: 33mm | RG6: 34mm | RG7: 35mm

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    RevGrips Pro Series Ergonomic Grip System: Black / Black / RG5 (Medium): RG-3500 - Black / Black / RG6 (Large): RG-3600 - Graphite / Black / RG6 (Large): RG-3610