Metric Rear Shock Mounting Hardware


Metric Rear Shock Mounting Hardware



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Bolt Diameter
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RockShox Metric Rear Shock Mounting Hardware

Metric sizing allows both suspension and frame manufacturers to significantly simplify rear shock sizing and fitment, while also providing performance benefits to both suspension and frame designs. A significant number of major bicycle manufactuers are now spec'ing metric Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Super Deluxe coil rear shocks.

Metric shocks still require 3-piece design hardware for mounting. Check with your frame manufacturer to verify the hardware size needed.

Sized by bolt diameter (M6, M8, M10) and frame mount-ID width (in mm).

Two hardware kits required per shock: 1 for each eyelet, or one hardware kit required for Trunnion mount rear shocks.

    RockShox Metric Rear Shock Mounting Hardware: 6 / 15mm: 00.4118.159.000 - 6 / 25mm: 11.4118.091.609 - 6 / 35mm: 00.4118.159.004 - 6 / 40mm: 00.4118.159.005 - 6 / 45mm: 00.4118.159.006 - 8 / 45mm: 00.4118.159.013 - 10 / 25mm: 00.4118.159.016 -