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Reverb Full Service Kit 10-12 (includes 2015 IFP), A1


Reverb Full Service Kit 10-12 (includes 2015 IFP), A1


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Service kit to assist in scheduled maintenance and/or rebuild of Reverb and Reverb Stealth Seatposts. This kit includes version 2 of the Black 1-Piece U-Cup Seal Internal Floating Piston (IFP). If you're going to undertake this service yourself, keep in mind, you must have the following RockShox Specialty Tools:Post Bleed Tool, Oil Height Tool, and IFP Height Tool. For "A1" designated posts, 2010-2012. A1 posts have a silver return speed adjuster on the remote and no laser etched logos on stanchion by the saddle cradle. This kit rebuilds IFP, Poppet, Seal Head, Dust Seal, Piston, Brass Keys and Bushing.

In the box

  • Size 3 Post Keys
  • Size 4 Post Keys
  • Size 5 Post Keys
  • Size 6 Post Keys
  • Upper/Inner Seals
  • Top Cap Dust Seal
  • Main Piston Seals
  • Lower Seal Head
  • Strain Relief
  • Upper/Inner Seal Head
  • Internal Floating Piston Seals
  • Poppet Seals
  • Hose Barb

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