Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset
Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset


Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset

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RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset

Faster. Stronger. Ruthlessly efficient. The new Lyrik is up for anything and down for it all. The most versatile fork in the RockShox lineup features a hyper-focused new chassis that’s lighter while still critically stiff to deliver on Lyrik’s legendary performance and party attitude. Lyrik Ultimate packs an orchestra of industry-leading tech like the new Charger 3 damper, ButterCup technology, and the new DebonAir+ air spring. Let Lyrik sing with a fresh signature colorway they call “Heavy Meadow”, inspired by some favorite alpine sufferfests. The new Lyrik Ultimate is here.

Charger 3 Damper
What sets Charger 3 apart from other dampers is the truly independent High Speed Compression (HSC) and Low Speed Compression (LSC) damping. With a reimagined valving design, Charger 3 is a complete revolution in damper tunability. RockShox eliminated HSC and LSC cross-talk—that overlap in adjustment functionality that ties HSC and LSC adjustments together, making truly independent tuning previously impossible. No more mental gymnastics to perform on the fly, no compromises between clicking the dial on HSC and affecting LSC or vice versa. The ability to add HSC or LSC without having to make the sacrifice of taking additional feedback and harshness means gaining more control, confidence, and comfort to enjoy the ride. Tuning your suspension to your desired ride style and trail has never been more precise or more personalized.

Rockshox Charger 3 damper

Little gold-packaged rubber pucks live at the end of the damper and air spring shafts and fit into the lower leg of the fork. Similar technology is found in off-road vehicles, chainsaws, and most devices that transfer high-frequency vibrations into the hands and arms of the user. Like a rubber mount on the handle of the chainsaw, ButterCups measurably eliminate trail chatter by on average 20%. Proven by data acquisition over thousands of trail miles and confirmed by riders. Featured in all Ultimate models and upgrade-able in the full line up of new Pike, Lyrik, and ZEBs.

RockShox Buttercups

Debonair+ Air Spring
By focusing on refining the shape of the spring curve, RockShox created an air spring that’s more plush off-the-top, with a supremely supportive mid-stroke and improved end-stroke ramp up. They zeroed in on details to improve small bump absorption to be extremely reactive over every inch of trail and added mid-stroke support allowing the fork to sit higher in travel and utilize every millimeter of travel. The new DebonAir+ offers a supreme ride feel and consistency you can trust.

Rocshox DebonAir Plus Air Spring

Pressure Relief Valves
New pressure relief valves eliminate unwanted air pressure build-up in the fork lower leg caused by variations in altitude or temperature. With the turn of a hex key, Pressure Relief Valves restore premium fork feel throughout the travel.

In the box

  • Lyrik Ultimate
  • (2) air volume spacers
  • Torque cap adapters
  • Bolt-on fender
  • Star nut


  • 35mm chassis with a focused all-mountain mindset - satisfyingly stiff, efficient, and designed to eliminate as much weight as possible
  • Ultimate Bushing Package maximizes bushing overlap, reducing friction and creating the smoothest ride possible
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride
  • Bolt-in torque cap adapters now included for use with standard hub end caps
  • Lightweight machined and anodized crown for premium looks and durability

Tech Specs

Travel: 140mm, 150mm, 160mm
Wheel Size: 29"
Crown Offset: 44mm
Max Tire Size: 3.0" (varies by manufacturer)
Spring: Air
Travel Adjust: Internally Adjustable (requires additional parts)
Axle Configuration: 15x110mm Boost - Bolt-on
Disc Mount: Post Mount 180mm
Min. Rotor Size: 180mm
Max. Rotor Size: 220mm
Steertube Diameter: 1.125" - 1.5" Tapered
Intended Use: AM / Enduro
Warranty: 2 years

Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 29" Charger 3 RC2 - 44mm Offset: 140mm / Gloss Heavy Meadow Green: 00.4020.694.017 - 150mm / Gloss Heavy Meadow Green: 00.4020.694.016 - 150mm / Gloss Black: 00.4020.694.013 - 160mm / Gloss Heavy Meadow Green: 00.4020.694.015 - 160mm / Gloss Black: 00.4020.694.012