Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock
Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock


Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock



670 grams
670 grams
670 grams
670 grams
670 grams
670 grams
670 grams
670 grams

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RockShox Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock

Big, bold, and built for pure downhill performance, Vivid Ultimate has unmatched tunability and damping for confidence in technical terrain. With an air spring that acts like a coil, this is the latest chapter in Vivid’s legacy of reliability and rock-smashing suppleness. This premium rear shock is built to push the limits on everything from downhill to E-MTB to enduro bikes.

New Touchdown Damper

TouchDown technology is Vivid’s new position-sensitive damping system. Rockshox developed a rear shock damper that’s forgiving at the beginning of its travel while staying composed in the middle and end of the stroke. Each phase of suspension action makes a seamless handoff to the next, so all you notice is that thrilling buzz at the bottom of the downhill.

Just like how you react to the range of terrain on your favorite trails, Vivid’s TouchDown technology handles whatever you drop into with comfort, confidence, and control. A rear shock that smooths out everything from stutters to senders? That’s a good call.

To give Vivid a supple ride at the beginning of its travel, TouchDown technology bypasses the compression damping generated by the main piston in the first 10% of its travel. Quieting trail chatter is just the beginning. To handle hectic terrain, the next 70% of Vivid’s travel rides on controlled and stable compression damping. Adding to TouchDown technology’s adaptability, Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out lets you tune rear suspension feel for the harsh hits that dip into the final 20% of travel. Go ahead and do an end-zone dance if you feel like it.

Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out

Vivid features Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out (AHBO), which kicks in to increase compression damping within the last 20% of travel—but how much damping it offers is all on you. The key component is an adjustable dial offering five different compression settings to customize the cushioning you experience on impact. Vivid’s AHBO allows for a wider range of rebound tunes to match our customer’s frame kinematics perfectly.

Vivid Air Spring Technology

What sets Vivid apart from a coil spring is the highly tunable air spring featuring DebonAir technology, containing higher volume to provide a more linear, consistent feel and improve small bump sensitivity. Vivid’s air spring makes it easy to initiate travel while adding support in the middle of the stroke and comfortable bottom out resistance near the end of the stroke. Add Bottomless Tokens to offer more bottom-out resistance or remove them to make full use of your travel.

Vivid Goes the Distance

A true workhorse, Vivid doubles down on reliability and longevity, increasing the routine service intervals from 50 to 100 hours of well-earned miles. With Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube doing the work, Vivid’s performance and frictionless feel lasts longer, even in the harshest conditions, so you can spend more time on the trails—not in the stand.


  • NEW TouchDown RC2T damper features unreal sensitivity (or suppleness) off the top with increased mid-stroke support
  • TouchDown RC2T damper offers Rebound adjustment, independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustment, and an easy to adjust threshold (lockout) lever for added pedaling efficiency
  • Reduced High-Speed Compression eliminates the hang-up and allows the wheel to easily get out of the way on hard impacts
  • 20 clicks of rebound adjustment offer a wide range of tunability and accommodate more rider types
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out offers a convenient dial with five different compression settings to customize the cushioning you experience in the last 20% of travel when facing potential bottom out
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride
  • Service intervals are now boosted to 100 hours of ride time, thanks to an updated dust wiper seal design and increased oil volumes
  • Rebound Knob pulls out to reveal a 3mm hex wrench that can adjust both High Speed Compression and Hydraulic Bottom Out

Tech Specs

Spring Type: Air
External Adjustments: Low Speed Compression, High Speed Compression, Rebound, Two Position Switch, Air Pressure, Hydraulic Bottom Out
Internal Adjustments: Volume Spacers
Max Air Pressure: 360 PSI
Mount: Eyelet top and bottom
Mounting Hardware: Sold separately
Warranty: 2 Years

Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

RockShox Vivid Air Ultimate RC2T Metric Rear Shock: 210mm x 55mm: 00.4118.421.008 - 230mm x 57.5mm: 00.4118.421.007 - 230mm x 60mm: 00.4118.421.006 - 230mm x 62.5mm: 00.4118.421.005 - 230mm x 65mm: 00.4118.421.004 - 250mm x 70mm: 00.4118.421.002 - 250mm x 72.5mm: 00.4118.421.001 - 250mm x 75mm: 00.4118.421.000