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Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire
Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire


Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire

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Schwalbe Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire

The Schwalbe Big Betty is back! Equipped with everything modern tire technology has to offer, the Big Betty is an Enduro and downhill all-rounder for dry to damp conditions. Works perfectly as rear tire when combined with the much-loved Magic Mary up front.

Schwalbe Tire Compounds:

ADDIX Soft (orange): Provides outstanding ride qualities including excellent damping and powerful grip. It's a compound that’s amazingly good fun and yet is significantly more durable than the previous TrailStar compound. Suitable for year-round use.

ADDIX Ultra Soft (purple): For hardcore use in enduro and downhill. Sensationally good damping has been further improved over the previous VertStar compound, while at the same time ADDIX Ultrasoft is suitable for all-weather use due to significantly improved low-temperature properties when it comes to grip and damping.

Schwalbe Tire Casings:

Super Trail: The construction is designed to combine moderate weight and reduced rolling resistance with high cornering traction and puncture protection. A stable carcass with two layers on the side wall and three layers under the tread. Fabric layer over the entire tire together with APEX for additional protection. Tubeless easy.

Super Gravity: The tread and strong shoulders are protected in this extremely stable construction by four carcass layers in combination with a stable fabric layer (bead to bead). A special APEX layer protects against punctures and increases the lateral stiffness of the tire. Thanks to the turn-up construction, the tire remains unusually flexible for a particularly smooth ride. Tubeless easy.

Super Downhill (DH): The most robust and stable (super) construction is double-layered. Six carcass layers protect the tread even at very low air pressures. The side walls are reliably protected against cut and pinch damage by a combination of four carcass layers and a stable fabric layer. A special APEX layer protects against cuts and increases the lateral stiffness of the tire. Due to the very stable folding core, the tires are also Tubeless easy.

    Tech Specs

    Wheel Size: 29"
    Tubeless Ready: Yes
    Bead: Folding
    Ideal For Conditions: Excellent choice for dry to damp conditions
    Intended Use: Enduro / DH
    Warranty: 3 years following original purchase date, or 5 years from its production date - whichever occurs first.

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    Schwalbe Big Betty 29" x 2.4" Super Tire: Super Trail - Addix Soft / Black: 11654155 - Super Gravity - Addix Soft / Black: 11654152 - Super DH - Addix Ultra Soft / Black: 11654163 -