XTR M9100 Rear Shifter


XTR M9100 Rear Shifter

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The XTR M9100 shifter gets the nifty addition of a little rubber grip pad on both shift levers. I’ve definitely experienced my thumbs slipping off paddles from time-to-time, so I can see this as a useful feature. For downshifts, Shimano’s 2-Way Release feature allows you to use either your thumb or index finger. You can also downshift two gears at a time by pushing your thumb past the first click into the second click. It does require a bit more pressure on this shifter compared to previous Shimano shifters, so as to avoid accidentally double downshifts. For single shifts, Shimano does claim a 35% reduction in shifting effort, which I’ll take with a grain of salt. I’m always wary of these sorts of claims, and whether or not anyone can actually notice. That said, 35% is a pretty big number, and I will say that the shift-feel of the new XTR is smooth and requires very little thumb effort. But who knows, I’ve been hitting the gym lately, so maybe my thumbs are just stronger!

In the box

  • XTR M9100 Rear Shifter
  • Shimano SIS shifter cable


Compatible Gearing: Shimano 12sp
Cover Material: Composite
Warranty: 3 Years

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