Single-Speed Spacer Kit with Lockring


Single-Speed Spacer Kit with Lockring



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Surly Single-Speed Spacer Kit with Lockring

Got a rear wheel from a geared bike collecting dust in your garage? Maybe it’s time you gave it some new life as a single-speed wheel. Surly offers a single-speed spacer kit that allows you to use single-speed cassette cogs on the freehub body of your multi-speed Shimano cassette-compatible hub (HG).

With the supplied selection of anodized aluminum spacers, you can attain a perfect chainline to compliment your road, track, or mountain crankset. The large-diameter stainless steel cassette lockring holds everything together and perfectly matches the outside diameter of the spacers. Plus, it matches the machined shoulder of our single-speed cassette cogs (not included). The lockring is machined to utilize a common Shimano cassette lockring tool for installation and removal. This isn’t just a mix of off-the-shelf parts; Surly went the extra distance to give you a kit that will provide maximum functionality, durability, and aesthetic value.

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