Gnarwolf Chain Guide
Gnarwolf Chain Guide Gnarwolf Chain Guide

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Gnarwolf Chain Guide

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If you are a rider that fearlessly takes the tough lines and can't afford to drop a chain, the Wolf Tooth GnarWolf™ chainguide is for you. Designed specifically around 1x wide/narrow chainrings like our patented Drop-Stop® chainrings, the GnarWolf will keep your chain glued to your chainring in the roughest and muddies of conditions. Refer to image on this page for installation and adjustment instructions.

Due to frame and bike geometery there will be some bikes that need modifications or flat out won't work. Here are the known exceptions:

  • Ibis Mojo 3 - will not work
  • Specialized Stumpjumper 2016-2017 models require 1 mm of spacers (washers will work) between the frames ISCG05 mounts and the guide (the guide interferes with the frame otherwise)
  • Evil The Following - will not work (upper swing arm interferes)

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  • Backplate Material: Aluminum
  • Mount: ISCG '05
  • Chainring Size Range:
    Round chainrings 28t-36t
    Elliptical chainrings 28-34t
  • Intended Use: Enduro/Downhill
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • For 1X use only
  • Infinite chainline adjustment between 48mm and 54mm via an elliptical expanding mandrel. There are no shims required!
  • Infinite vertical adjustement between 28t and 36t round rings (28t-34t elliptical)
  • Loosen one screw to flip the guide out of the way for easy chain removal without losing any of the guide's adjustments
  • Designed for the rigors of Enduro, heavy trail, mud and even DH riding
  • Specific guide shaping is optimized for use with elliptical/oval and round chainrings.
  • Installation takes just a few minutes -- no need to remove your crank arms.
  • Patent pending design.