XTR M9120 Disc Brake


XTR M9120 Disc Brake

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277 grams
277 grams

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Shimano XTR M9120 Disc Brake

Shimano has made some updates to the XTR brakes, promising better modulation and more power. They’ve also got two versions, one with a four-piston caliper (M9120), and one with a two-piston caliper (M9100). It probably goes without saying that the four-banger is targeted to the enduro crowd, and the two-piston targeted at the XC riders demanding lighter weight (you're on the M9120 model right now). The M9120 offers up a tool-free lever reach adjust knob, as well as the Free Stroke pad contact adjustment. Both of these adjustments are omitted on the M9100 in an effort to maximize weight reduction - however, the M9100 does still offer a tooled reach adjust. The M9120 brake caliper features an adjustable-angle banjo on the hose mount, and the hydraulic line is routed to the inboard for a very clean look. Bleed parts are top-facing for easy access.

The innards of the master cylinder remain roughly the same as Shimano's previous XTR brakes. The mounting split-clamp has been moved inboard, allowing for more room between your brake clamp and grip.

The Ice Tech Freeza rotors make their return to the new XTR lineup, and they certainly look the part. Very clean and pro look, and Shimano claims they dissipate heat 20% quicker than the previous Freeza rotors.

    In the box

    • XTR M9120 Pre-Bled Disc Brake (caliper/lever/hose)
    • 1700mm hydraulic hose (rear) / 1000mm hydraulic hose (front)

    Tech Specs

    Fluid: Mineral Oil
    Pistons: Four
    Lever Reach Adjust: Yes
    Pad Contact Adjust: Yes
    Shifter Compatibility: Shimano I-Spec EV
    Reversible Lever Body: No
    Lever Material: Aluminum
    Hose Length: 1000mm Front / 1700mm Rear
    Intended Use: Trail/Enduro
    Warranty: 3 Years

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    Shimano XTR M9120 Disc Brake: Left/Front: IM9120JLFPNA100 - Right/Rear: IM9120JRRXNA170