PUSH ElevenSix: First Impressions

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  • Posted On November 14, 2016 by Dan

    Hi Beez,
    I can’t speak for the DVO, but I own both an Elevensix and a DHX2 (not the Float X2). The Push Elevensix is a bit more refined of a shock. Being designed specifically for trail bikes (they don’t even make it in DH shock lengths) they’ve put in the time and research to dial it in for that purpose specifically. Aside from the slightly higher performance that you’ll get out of this shock vs. the competition (that I personally have tried), in my mind the largest draw for this shock is the ongoing customer service that you receive when you purchase one. As they release updated dampers, components, etc, you can send the shock in and have the updates retrofitted. You can also buy a new bike and have the shock stroke and eye to eye changed. More of a long term investment than the other options. Other things like the two separate compression circuits that Jadyn talks about are pretty great as well. If I haven’t answered your question, or if you have others, let us know, here or via email at sales@fanatikbike.com.
    Best regards,
    Dan at Fanatik

  • Posted On November 12, 2016 by Beez

    How does it compare to other coil shocks? I have an Insurgent with a DVO Jade and a Fox X2 for reference.

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