Open the box, go for a ride

Fanatik Bike Co. is proud to bring you an exclusive service that will get you riding on your new bike as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our Ship 'n Ride service delivers your bike completely assembled, adjusted, and ready-to-ride straight out of the box. Simply lift your bike out of the box, toss your helmet on, and find a trail.

Adjust, tuned, and built for you

When you purchase a bike from Fanatik, we will personally work with you to insure that the bike is tuned for your weight, height, and riding style. We will insure that your rear shock and fork are adjusted properly for your weight, seastpost adjusted for your height, and tire pressure set to your preferred level. Any other special requests? You got it, just let us know. There should be no need to bring your bike to a shop, your bike will be ready to roll. Some very minor "personal preference" adjustments may need to be made to seatpost height, and handlebar/brake/shifter orientation. If you don't have the necessary allen wrenches (generally 4, 5, or 6mm) to perform these adjustments, just let us know and we'll toss in a tri-wrench for you.

How much does it cost?

The Ship 'n Ride service costs $200 delivered right to your doorstep. For this nominal fee, you will be treated to a custom-built, professionally tuned, perfectly adjusted, and quickly delivered bike.

Safe and sound FedEx Shipping

Using our custom-built oversized durable bike boxes, FedEx Freight will insure that your new bike will get to you safely, whether it be a home or business address. Please remember, these are very large boxes, and won't fit in most smaller cars. Dimensions of the box are 76"x29"x50", and weight will usually be between 40 and 60 lbs.


The Ship 'n Ride Service is currently only available in the Continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii are available, but may require an additional charge. The service is not available in any international locations. Ship 'n Ride is available for any bike we sell valued at $3,500 or more.