Transition's "Rider owned for life" slogan rings true to this day. The folks that run this company are bikers through-and-through - we know beause we see them frequently on our local trails, shredding around on their bikes, new and old. They aren't afraid to show their personality as a company and this trickles down through all of their bikes. When you buy a Transition, you're not getting a watered-down corporate bike - you're getting a bike with huge personality that is devilishly fun to ride. Give them a call and one of their employees will pick up the phone ready to chat bikes, beer, or trails, you name it.

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Repeater PT E-Bike

The Repeater Powertrain takes your eMTB experience to a whole new level. This system harmoniously integrates the most complicated moving parts on an eMTB to create a simple, worry-free, and exhilarating ride.

170mmrear travel
170mmfront travel
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The Spire blends DH bike capability with mid-travel efficiency in such a way it’s almost two bikes in one. A delicately tuned pedaling and pumping platform, super supple beginning stroke sensitivity and all the travel you could ask for makes for a mind bending ride.

170mmrear travel
170mmfront travel
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Being one of the longest standing bikes in Transition's lineup, it was the obvious choice to mix it up. Updated geometry to accommodate the 29" front / 27.5" rear wheels and revised suspension tune might just make you ride all day, and then all night.

160mmrear travel
160mmfront travel
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A downhill bike in trail bike attire, the Sentinel is Transition's answer to those demanding a 29'er monster truck. Speed Balanced Geometry and a burly frame build make this one of the hottest tickets on 29" wheels.

150mmrear travel
160mmfront travel
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Like the reliable tool you grab for every job, the Transition Smuggler is the go-to bike for any trail pointed up, down, and all around. The Smuggler may just be the most versatile bike in Transition's lineup.

130mmrear travel
140mmfront travel
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It's a bike that retains all the fun characteristics of Transition's bigger models, but drops a whole lot of weight. To describe it, you might even have to come up with a whole new category. Let's say "all-country."

120mmrear travel
120mmfront travel
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Throw it in the truck or blast through a rock garden without hesitation. The TR11's DNA has a healthy strain of big freeride hits, DH speed and bike park inspiration. It will help you live all of your gravity fed dreams with the confidence of a 29 wheel up front with a 27.5 wheel out back.

200mmrear travel
200-203mmfront travel
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If you would like help deciding which Transition bike is right for you, feel free to email us at or give us a call at 1-844-FANATIK.

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