Based out of our hometown of Bellingham, Washington, the folks at Transition are on a mission to build mountain bikes that stand up to the notoriously demanding Pacific Northwest. They are also on a mission to build bikes that are ridiculously fun to ride. With forward-thinking geometry that pushes the envelope, an active and supple suspension platform, and excellent build quality, these bikes will get you up, down, and all around the mountains.

Transition Bicycles


A bike that truly comes to life on the descent, but also climbs incredibly well. A 155mm GiddyUp suspension platform with long/low/slack geometry will give you all the confidence you need to get rowdy. Available in both aluminum and carbon.

Transition Patrol - 2017


Our favorite breed of 29'er - short travel, aggressive geometry, and a lively, snappy nature. This is Transition's version and it punches above it's weight on a regular basis.

Transition Smuggler


Go short, go far, just GO. The Scout is the perfect go-everywhere trail bike, but it's also got a fair shake of personality for good measure. Playful, wild, and fun, and perfectly capable of long days in the saddle. Available in aluminum and carbon.

Transition Scout


Taking it to the roots of mountain biking, the Throttle is a hardtail that blurs the lines between your enduro bike and your dirt jump bike. Rally-worthy full carbon frame and slack trail geometry.

Transition Throttle

About The Brand

Transition's "Rider owned for life" slogan rings true to this day. The folks that run this company are bikers through-and-through - we know because we see them frequently on our local trails, shredding around on their bikes, new and old. They aren't afraid to show their personality as a company, and this trickles down through all of their bikes. When you buy a Transition, you're not getting a watered-down corporate bike - you're getting a bike with huge personality that is devilishly fun to ride. Give them a call, and one of their 11 employees will likely pick up the phone, ready to chat bikes, beer, or trails, you name it.

Transition Bikes - Rider Owned For Life