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Revel bikes is a company made up of life-long bike revelers—a mix of dirt-bag bikers, die-hard creators and business people. Since they’re rider owned and privately funded, they can do what they want. Launching Revel Bikes was a way to support their passion and achieve their goal: to build the absolute best full-suspension mountain bikes—ever.

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Think XC light, XC efficiency, with the extra-high punch of that bottomless CBF feel. Its over a pound lighter than the Rascal frame and tough enough to inspire confidence on the descents.

115mmrear travel
120mmfront travel
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The Rascal lives up to its name- it’s a sleek looking machine that is mischievously fast, nimble, and adept. Think capability and playfulness in both ascend and full send mode. The vision was to deliver a confidence-inspiring and ultra-versatile mountain bike that you can ride every day.

130mmrear travel
140mmfront travel
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The Rail was created for maximum thrills and climbing hills. A tuned carbon layup makes railing through berms pure joy. The Rail puts an end to the traditional compromises to ascent efficiency on a long travel trail bike to which you’ve grown accustomed.

27.5" or 29"wheels
155-165mmrear travel
170mmfront travel
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If you would like help deciding which Revel mountain bike is right for you, feel free to email us at sales@fanatikbike.com or give us a call at 1-844-FANATIK.

CBF™ focuses on designing rear suspension around the Center of Curvature (CC). Until now, most suspension systems have focused solely on the instant center. CBF points the chainline and corresponding drive forces around the top of the chainring through 100-percent of the travel resulting in maximum pedaling efficiency, regardless of where you are in the travel, what terrain you are on or what kind of power you’re putting down. All the power you put into the pedals goes into turning the rear wheel, allowing the suspension to do its job completely independent of drivetrain and braking forces and making the sag setting much less critical. When Revel first rode the largely-unknown CBF system, they knew it was something special, and knew they could make the best riding carbon mountain bikes using this magical formula.


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