Evil Following MB - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Jadyn W. / Aug 23, 2017

The Following MB is improved in many ways, and all-in-all is a more refined bike compared to the V1 Following.

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Ibis Ripley Gen 3 Review

Product Reviews  / Brian Chapel / Jul 19, 2017

It’s fun, nimble, climbs like a mountain goat, and has confidence inspiring geometry. 

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Ibis Mojo 3 Long Term Review

Product Reviews  / Conor Barry / Jul 04, 2017

The Mojo 3 a jack-of-all-trades. It’s a balanced trail bike that does most everything very well.

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Who Is: ANVL Components

Brand Highlights  / Dan Perl / Feb 22, 2017

ANVL is a maker of high quality mountain bike components, based right next door to us here in Bellingham, WA. From carbon and alloy handlebars to titanium railed saddles, they make everything you need to outfit your new enduro shred rig for your next adventure. Here we review their full line up, and talk with them about the future of MTB.

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Fox Transfer Dropper - Midterm Review

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Dec 20, 2016

The Fox Transfer dropper seat post is the long-awaited update to their reliable but un-sightly D.O.S.S. post, and with it they have succeeded in creating a dropper that checks all the marks, from reliability and durability, to improved ergonomics and aesthetics. With internally and externally routed options, this reasonably priced post should definitely be on your short-list..

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Evil Calling - Ridden and Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Jadyn Welch / Dec 01, 2016

The Calling is a bike that loves to go play in the woods. I found the bike to be right at home on fast, flowy trails with lots of pop.

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Mountain Bike Handlebar Setup

How To  / Dan Perl / Nov 18, 2016

Setting up your mountain bike's handlebar and controls is crucial to making it feel comfortable and intuitive to ride. Get all the tips and tricks here.

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Custom Industry Nine Wheels - All You Need to Know

Product Guides  / Jadyn W. / Nov 09, 2016

We take quite a lot of pride in our wheel building program here at Fanatik. We’ve recently partnered with Industry Nine as their exclusive USA wheel building pa...

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How to Take MTB Photos that are Less Boring

How To  / Conor Barry / Oct 12, 2016

The suggestions and tips in this article will have you returning from your mountain bike adventures with rad photos that you and your friends are sure to be stoked on.

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PUSH ElevenSix Reviewed: First Impressions

Product Reviews  / Jadyn W. / Oct 06, 2016

With the knowledge gained over decades of tuning suspension, PUSH went to the drawing board to create the most customizable and tunable rear shock the mountain bike world has seen.

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Ibis Cycles: the Ripley LS and the Mojo 3 Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 13, 2016

The Ibis Ripley LS 29'er and the Mojo 3 27.5+ mountain bikes are both strong contenders in today's trail bike market. Which is right for you?

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Bicycle Theft and How to Avoid It

How To  / Dan Perl / Aug 05, 2016

The first line of defense against bike theft is straight up common sense. The majority of these thefts are crimes of opportunity.

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Basic Mountain Bike Maintenance

How To  / Dan Perl / Jul 13, 2016

With the tips that we'll run through in the following video clips, you can rest assured that your bike will run smoothly in between more in-depth maintenance intervals.

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What to do in case of a predatory animal encounter

How To  / Dan Perl / Jul 12, 2016

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had numerous recent reports of predatory animal sightings, from bears to mountain lions.

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Evil: The Insurgent and The Wreckoning Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Mar 14, 2016

At this point you may be wondering: what does the Wreckoning do that the Insurgent doesn’t? Why might I want one versus the other?

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How to Adjust the Geometry on your DELTA Suspension Evil

How To  / Dan Perl / Mar 03, 2016

We are here today to discuss one of DELTA’s biggest strengths: adjustable geometry. Or in other words, the ability to transform your Evil from a playful, nimble...

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Raceface Love Handle Grip Review

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 15, 2015

It is a highly contoured grip, with the diameter tapering from 30mm in the middle of the grip to a thinner 28mm near the ends, before expanding to the love handles at the edges from which they derive their name.

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