ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF
ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF

Push Industries

ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF

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910 grams
910 grams
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Push Industries ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF

Making your mountain bike experience better is why Push exists. The ELEVENSIX is not just a rear shock, it's a trans-formative ride experience that allows you to get the most out of your ride. Traction and grip like you've never experienced before. Plush, seemingly never ending travel that is somehow impossibly supportive at the same time. Big hit control that increases confidence and allows you to ride sections of trail that you never considered before. This isn't just a rear shock, this is you more confident than you've ever been on a bike.

Speed Sensitive Hydraulic Bottoming Control
We've all been there. You case a jump, come up short, or just finally get up the courage to do the big huck...only to find the landing is too flat. Push's new Speed Sensitive Hydraulic Bottoming system is your solution.

Developed in conjunction with the hybrid HyperCoil progressive spring system, the secondary shaft piston provides large increases in compression damping during the last 15% of shock stroke. Because it's completely independent of the main damping piston there are no compromises in the shocks performance throughout the stroke.

Say goodbye to harsh bottoming as the new Hydraulic Bottom Out Control allows you to ride harder and go bigger with a smooth and supportive end of stroke feel.

Dual Overhead Compression Valves
Are you finding that your current shock's pre-determined lever positions just don't give you the ride characteristic that you're looking for? Push believes that it's time to remove the constraints and put the control at your fingertips. Their Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System allows you to fine tune each valve with both Low-Speed and High-Speed external compression adjustment. Are you looking for a firm mode for climbing and an ultra plush mode for descending? Maybe you're more the technical climbing type who likes to clean the challenging sections and like a firmer "trail" feel when descending. With Push's exclusive design, you define your ride modes and simply toggle between each mode on-the-fly with the easy to use ergonomic external lever.

The new ELEVENSIX features completely sealed adjusters that are re-shaped, larger in size, and feature an internal bushing system to make them easy to turn.

Push also made improvements to the vale system itself providing an increased range of adjustment, as well as a reduction in damping hysteresis resulting in improved small bump sensitivity and support under high frequency bumps.

Motorsport Grade Spherical Bearing Eyelet Mounts
Decreasing friction directly leads to increases in small bump sensitivity and traction providing a more comfortable ride. PUSH precision-ground and hardened spherical ball bearings eliminate both rotational friction from linkages as well as shaft binding friction caused from flex under load. Quickly realizing that traditional off the shelf bearings were not up to the task, PUSH engineers went to work developing a specific system to address both the harsh riding conditions as well as high loads with unparalleled durability.

4-port Symmetrical Progressive Damping Piston
The damping piston found in the all new ELEVENSIX features completely redesigned compression and rebound port profiles, providing smoother flow and an increase in damper response leading to a more controlled ride. The new piston assembly also features reconfigured progressive compression and rebound valving stacks providing less damping on small and high frequency bumps, while providing greater damping on larger impacts and g-outs. This new design delivers just the right amount of damping to maximize both comfort and control.

High Volume Low Displacement Reservoir
In order to ensure consistent traction and bump eating performance even on the most demanding descents, the ELEVENSIX features a large volume reservoir and IFP. The large area and unique seal gland design of the IFP allow for minimal movement in high frequency bumps mimicking the low friction characteristic of a bladder system and increasing traction without the negative attributes such as gas migration and bladder deformation from heat.


  • HD model features Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft
  • Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System with increased range
  • 25 Clicks of External Low-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 25 Clicks of External High-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • 18 Clicks of External Low Speed Rebound Adjustment
  • Individually Dyno tested
  • Motorex 3D Response Technology Oil
  • Manufactured and Hand Assembled by PUSH in Colorado

Tech Specs

Spring Type: Coil
External Adjustments: Low Speed Compression, High Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound, Two Position Switch, Spring Collar Preload
Mount: Eyelet top and bottom
Mounting Hardware: Included
Warranty: 1 year

Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

Push Industries ElevenSix-RHD for Ibis Ripmo V2 / Ripmo AF: 125 - 200lb: 11.6RHD-2820 - 200 - 260lb: 11.6RHD-2821